Find Ethereum Casinos in the UK

For you to understand Ethereum gambling, first we need to be on the same page on what Ethereum is. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that is designed to utilize the blockchain technology similar to its counterpart bitcoin. With ethereum, you can make payments online on a peer to peer basis without being charged any fee as the currency is not being regulated by any financial institution or by any government.

However, it’s worth noting that Ethereum is different from other Cryptos since the technology that it runs on is based on smart contracts. These smart contracts can create systems including applications to virtual gambling sites. Ethereum gambling, therefore, is the use if Ether (ETH) to gamble on ethereum casinos the same way people use cash while betting on online casinos.

Ethereum Casinos and Betting

Before a player decides on Ethereum betting, choosing a casino is paramount. Getting the right Ethereum casino is vital as it opens the door for you to use your ether on these gambling sites. Three of the best ethereum casinos are; Crypto-games, Luckygames, and FortuneJack. These casinos provide a substantially low house edge and are provably fair to guarantee that you make the most of your ether while gambling.

Gamblers with a taste for sports haven’t been left out as there are ethereum sportsbooks that you can use to wager on the sporting events of your liking. The best ether accepting sportsbooks are Betcoin Sports and Esports Bets. Be sure to try their exclusive services as they pride themselves in anonymous and decentralized gambling.

After getting the casino that suits your liking, the next and final thing is preparing a suitable wallet that you’ll use to transfer your Ethereum to the Ethereum casinos and sportsbooks. Some of the best Ethereum wallets are Exodus, Jaxx, MetaMask, and Mist.

Ethereum Games

Just like ordinary casinos and sportsbooks, Ethereum casinos offer a variety of games to their clients. Some of the most popular Ethereum games include ether slots, Ether blackjack, Ether roulette and Ether dice. Using Ethereum, you can take part in these games as you would in the regular casino. What is particularly surprising about the games is that the user interfaces are significantly improved to better the gaming experience.

The future of Ethereum games looks brighter as the game developers are now embarking on a mission to create new games for the platform. Some of these games will be business and investment strategy oriented while others will focus on board skills, all in the mobile and computer platforms. The development of these games is done by independent developers who are part of larger communities of developers.

In conclusion, Ethereum gambling’s mission is decentralizing the whole gambling experience while at the same time making sure that players taking advantage of the platform are subjected to minimal or no restrictions. Anonymity and provably fair play are catered for to ensure that you not only make profitable returns but have your identity on the internet kept a secret, all great reasons to have you opening an account as soon as your done reading this.

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