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Why Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s growth has been remarkable considering it pioneered the cryptocurrencies .To that end, Bitcoin has a market cap of $94B and has been termed as the “next Gold”. The sentiments notwithstanding, we can all agree that bitcoin not only offers unmatched volatility but it is an ideal way to transact online anonymously. As of today, you can buy bitcoin from best bitcoin brokers in existence while at the same time; you can trade bitcoin various bitcoin brokers online.

What Is Bitcoin?

Technically, Bitcoin is peer to peer payment network which is powered by users and they are not obligated to use real names. Bitcoin network’s underlying algorithm is dependent or rather uses blockchain technologies. Bitcoin first came into existence in 2009 courtesy of an anonymous developer going by the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto.

How to buy bitcoin?

As much as trading bitcoin is anonymous, you have to first buy bitcoin. Unlike with conventional currencies where you only have to step into a bank for an exchange, you can only buy bitcoin online or in select ATMs worldwide. Mostly, you can buy bitcoin on online exchanges in a few clicks. You only have to input the amount of bitcoin you require-you can buy any fraction- and make a payment via any of the available payment methods. The bitcoin are usually available instantly or after your payment is verified. However, it is a custom practice with bitcoin brokers or exchanges to request for additional information to verify your identity and/or as a safeguard to money laundering.

How to trade bitcoin

Buying bitcoin and trading bitcoin are two entirely different concepts. It is worth noting that some exchanges only avail the platform over which you can buy bitcoin without having an opportunity to exchange to other cryptos or currencies. Well, that’s not how trading works, or is it? Bitcoin brokers give you a chance to leverage on the volatility of bitcoin by allowing you to trade bitcoin against other currencies or even better, against other crypto currencies. However, for a fast paced trading experience, you will need to choose the BEST bitcoin broker lest you fall prey to mediocre brokers.

After selecting a bitcoin broker, you may be prompted to verify your identity; before or after you make a deposit. Please note that the best bitcoin brokers offer multiple payment methods for seamless banking. It’s pretty simple after you successfully make a deposit; you can trade bitcoin against major currencies such as USD and EUR.

Final word

Trading Bitcoin has revolutionized the online trading space as we know it. Bitcoin offers unmatched volatility which every trader, a novice or a professional, can use to generate extra income. However, to successfully trade bitcoin, we still reiterate that you must choose the best bitcoin broker.

Here at bestcrypto we understand that access to information may be an obstacle to most of us and hence that’s why we always go to great lengths to develop insightful bitcoin broker reviews. That being said, if you are looking forward to buying your first bitcoin or to experience the thrill that comes with trading bitcoin, be our guest and sign up with any of the featured bitcoin brokers and we promise it will be worth your while.

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